Experiment, mix, improvise. Taste, add and subtract, go further and repeat all over again. It happens every day in the kitchens of restaurants, in the ice cream parlors and pastry shops, behind the bar counters, in the tireless search for the perfect dish, dessert or cocktail.

For a chef or bartender, it is a wonderful routine, a process in which creativity and manual skill, experience and intuition are mixed.

And where the ingredients play a crucial role.

Flavoursense is the line of flavours dedicated to all food & beverage creatives. A selection of flavours in continuous evolution, for professional use, available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 lt sizes, versatile, easy to dose and practical to use. Indispensable to give more character to any type of preparation, they are designed to meet the needs of chefs, ice cream makers, pastry chefs, bartender. For this reason, they can be applied to any recipe: from seasonings to sauces, from sweets to savory dishes, from ice cream to cocktails, to hot drinks.

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